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How we helped Shadforth Financial Group win a national RFP through strategic design.

The Situation

Shadforth Financial Group, Australia’s leading financial services provider, found itself facing a significant opportunity when they decided to participate in a highly competitive national Request for Proposal (RFP). They were aware that winning this RFP would not only enhance their reputation but also provide them with valuable opportunities for growth and expansion. 

However, they recognized the need for a strategic approach to differentiate themselves from their competitors and present a compelling proposal. This realisation led them to engage for our expertise in branding and graphic design, as well as messaging.

The Approach

Understanding the importance of creating a strong brand identity and effective messaging, we embarked on a

comprehensive approach to help Shadforth Financial Group stand out in the RFP process. We initiated an in-depth discovery phase, immersing ourselves in the company’s culture, values, and unique selling points. Through collaborative workshops and discussions with key stakeholders, we gained valuable insights into Shadforth Financial Group’s core strengths, target audience, and key differentiators.

Armed with this knowledge, we began by crafting a compelling brand strategy that would resonate with the RFP evaluators. This involved developing a distinct visual offering that captured Shadforth Financial Group’s professionalism, trustworthiness, and forward-thinking approach.

The Outcome

Our design approach proved valuable in helping Shadforth Financial Group achieve the positive outcomes in the national RFP. The integration of branding and graphic
design, along with well-crafted messaging, led to the following key results:

Improved Differentiation: Shadforth Financial Group successfully differentiated itself from its competitors through a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity. The redesigned logo and brand guidelines enhanced the company’s credibility and positioned them as a trustworthy financial services provider.

Enhanced Proposal Impact: The refined messaging, which effectively communicated the company’s unique strengths and value proposition, resonated with the RFP evaluators. It enabled Shadforth Financial Group to stand out among numerous proposals and left a lasting impression, ultimately increasing their chances of success.

National RFP Win: The culmination of our strategic design efforts, combined with the client’s expertise and dedication, resulted in Shadforth Financial Group securing the national RFP. This achievement not only continued to bolster their already impressive reputation within the industry, but also provided additional growth opportunities and increased their market share.

The Conclusion

Our collaborative approach, tailored to their unique requirements, played a pivotal role in their success and positioned them as leaders in the financial services sector.


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