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How We Helped JLL with an Interactive Tradeshow Experience.

The Situation

JLL, the world leading real estate and investment management company, approached us with a unique opportunity. They were participating in a major industry tradeshow and wanted to create a memorable and engaging booth experience that would captivate attendees and effectively showcase their brand and services. 

The Approach

To address JLL’s needs and objectives, we devised a comprehensive approach that integrated booth design and interactive experiences, along with expert graphic design services. We began by conducting a thorough analysis of JLL’s brand identity, target audience, and key messaging. This enabled us to develop a customised strategy that aligned with their goals and effectively communicated their unique value proposition.

For the booth design, we collaborated closely with JLL’s marketing team to create a visually striking and functional space that reflected their brand image. Our design experts leveraged innovative concepts to craft an interactive tradeshow experience. We incorporated digital displays, touchscreen interfaces, and immersive multimedia elements to engage visitors and provide an immersive exploration of JLL’s services and expertise.

Additionally, our graphic design team worked closely with JLL to ensure consistent branding and visually appealing collateral. We designed captivating visuals, infographics, and promotional materials that complemented the booth experience, reinforcing JLL’s messaging and enhancing their overall presence at the tradeshow.

The Outcome

The partnership with JLL resulted in significant outcomes that exceeded the client’s expectations. The interactive tradeshow experience we created not only attracted a high volume of booth visitors but also generated a remarkable level of engagement and interest.

Key outcomes of the engagement included:

Increased Brand Visibility: The visually striking design and interactive elements effectively conveyed JLL’s brand message, helping them gain prominence and visibility among industry peers and potential clients.

Enhanced Audience Engagement: Visitors were able to explore JLL’s services, browse digital content, and interact with immersive displays, fostering meaningful interactions and conversations. This heightened engagement created a positive brand experience and increased the likelihood of follow-up conversations and conversions.

Positive Reception and Feedback: The captivating visuals, seamless user interface, and immersive content left a lasting impression, generating positive feedback and accolades for JLL’s innovative approach. This positive reception further bolstered JLL’s reputation as a forward-thinking industry leader.

The Conclusion

By collaborating closely and customising our approach to meet their specific needs, we helped JLL achieve increased brand visibility, enhanced audience engagement, and a positive reception from industry professionals. The successful outcomes of this engagement demonstrate our agency’s ability to deliver compelling and effective marketing solutions tailored to our clients’ unique requirements.


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