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How we helped Activ Foundation drive a 500% increase in job applications through a digital first approach

The Situation

Activ Foundation, a non-profit organisation focused on youth development, was facing a significant challenge in attracting qualified candidates for their job openings. Despite their mission and reputation, they struggled to generate a sufficient number of applications, hindering their ability to expand their reach and impact.

They approached us with the hope of leveraging digital strategies and refining their brand image to attract a larger pool of talented individuals interested in joining their cause.

The Approach

To address Activ Foundation’s challenge, we adopted a comprehensive digital-first approach that encompassed various
key services:

Brand Strategy:

We conducted an in-depth analysis of Activ Foundation’s current brand perception, target audience, and
competitive landscape. Based on this research, we developed a refined brand strategy that aligned their mission
with their desired image, ensuring a consistent and compelling narrative.

We worked closely with Activ Foundation to develop clear and concise messages that resonated with their target audience. This involved refining their value proposition, highlighting career growth opportunities, and emphasising the positive impact employees could have on the lives of young individuals.

Marketplace Research:

To identify the best channels to reach potential candidates, we conducted thorough marketplace research. This allowed us to understand where the target audience was most active and how to tailor Activ Foundation’s recruitment efforts accordingly.

Website Design and Development:

We developed standalone microsite and landing page structure aligned to Activ Foundation’s website, focusing on enhancing user experience and optimising it for job applicants. We ensured a seamless navigation flow, simplified the application process, and highlighted the organisation’s unique selling points prominently.

Paid and Organic Social Media:

Leveraging the power of social media platforms, we developed and implemented targeted paid advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience. Additionally, we devised an organic social media strategy that engaged with users, shared success stories, and created a sense of community around Activ Foundation’s mission.

The Outcome

By implementing our digital-first approach and utilising the range of services, Activ Foundation achieved significant outcomes:

500% Increase in Job Applications: The targeted marketing efforts, combined with the enhanced brand strategy and messaging, resulted in a remarkable 500% increase in job applications compared to the previous year. This influx of applicants provided Activ Foundation with a larger talent pool to choose from, enabling them to select the most qualified candidates for their various positions.

Enhanced Brand Perception: The refined brand strategy, coupled with the visual identity redesign, improved Activ 

Foundation’s brand perception among potential job seekers. The organisation gained a reputation for being an attractive employer, dedicated to youth development and providing fulfilling career opportunities.

Strengthened Online Presence: The revamped site structure and the implementation of social media strategies elevated Activ Foundation’s online presence significantly. The organization experienced increased website traffic, engagement on social media platforms, and a growing community of individuals passionate about their cause.

Improved Employee Recruitment: The successful outcomes of our collaboration enabled Activ Foundation to attract highly motivated and talented individuals who shared their vision. The organization experienced a rise in the quality of applicants, allowing them to build a strong team committed to driving their mission forward.

The Conclusion

Through our digital-first approach, incorporating brand strategy, graphic design, messaging, marketplace research, website design and development, and paid and organic social media services, our marketing agency assisted Activ Foundation in achieving exceptional results. The 500% increase in job applications, along with the strengthened brand perception and online presence, contributed to their success in expanding their reach and making a positive impact on youth development.


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